I am sure you have probably already heard about this story, but I thought it deserved a "SAY WHAT!?" because that is exactly what I said when I read it. Michael Maher from Denver decided it would be a great idea to steal some government plates and put them on his vehicle and pretend like he was with the fire department and go into the area of the High Park Fire. Stealing government plates is bad enough but he also pretended to be a fireman. They found him a day later at a Laporte Bar with the stolen plates, a firearm and stolen property.The story does not say if the stolen property was from an evacuated home or not but if it is, what the hell people! Are people really that messed up that they have to go loot somebodies house that had to have been evacuated?

Maher was arrested for

  • Obstructing Fire/Police
  • Impersonating Fire/Police
  • Theft
  • Attempt to Influence Public Servant

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