It's always a good idea to lock your car, but especially if you're in the Denver area.

According to 9 News, between January and March 15, about 2,345 vehicles were reported stolen. During the same period in 2020, there were only 956 reported thefts.

That's a BIG jump, and the Denver PD has warned residents and visitors to be diligent about keeping your doors locked and your valuables out of the car, or, at the very least, out of plain sight.

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Denver Police said officers will continue high-visibility patrols to help stop criminals and prevent auto thefts.

DPD explained that officers regularly work to locate and recover stolen vehicles and their success rate for recovery is astoundingly good.

So far this year, 97% of stolen vehicles were recovered statewide, according to DPD. However, these recovered vehicles are often not in the same condition in which they were stolen, which is another reason to ensure theft deterrents are in place, said  DPD.

Also, never leave your car unattended when warming up in the morning because THIS could happen...

There are many little things you can do avoid putting a big target on your vehicle for thieves. Here are a few of them, thanks to the Denver PD.

It's probably a smart idea to take precautions no matter what kind of vehicle you have, but ESPECIALLY if you have one of these on the list. (One of our cars made the list.) 



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