How you can help Denkai Animal Sanctuary rescue missions! Not only does Denkai Animal Sanctuary work tirelessly and diligently to help rescue animals close to home, but they also put in a ton of effort to help rescue and be a sanctuary for animals in need across the boarder as well. Like in the case of Arya...a boxer puppy left to survive on her own on the streets of a Mexico town. Arya was unable to walk due to being hit by a car and having both back legs damaged. She was left to fend for herself in not only horrible pain but to try to live on the streets in this condition as well. That was until a local animal lover found her and saved her life.

This is where Denkai Animal Sanctuary and your help come in, because Arya and many other animals from the streets of Mexico are being brought back thanks to Denkai and through donations to make this possible. They are in need of more help though because these efforts don't come cheap and easy. If you are not able to help in donations...Denkai would be so happy to have volunteers as well and in this way you can help these animals get the treatment they need and live a happy life. Denkai truly is an amazing organization that we have in Northern Colorado and deserve all the help, donations, and volunteering that Northern Colorado can offer.

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