A recent mountain rescue serves as a reminder of the dangers of backcountry skiing.

According to a Facebook post from Grand County Search and Rescue (GCSAR), the incident occurred on New Year's Day (Jan. 1) in Berthoud Pass, when a snowboarder got stuck in heavy snow at the top of a cliff.

Thankfully, rescuers accessed the snowboarder using a 180-foot rope. They were able to make a successful, albeit difficult, climb out of the snow before riding safely back to the highway.

A New Year's Day rescue in Berthoud Pass. Courtesy of Grand County Search and Rescue.

"'Skiing Berthoud, it doesn't seem like backcountry, There's so many people, feels like skiing at a resort,'" read the post. "Don't be fooled. Berthoud Pass and other back country areas can be dangerous/deadly. Get educated about staying safe in the wilderness and especially in avalanche terrain."

GCSAR revealed that the rescue site is the start of an avalanche zone, with a survival rate of less than 50%.

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