In 2017, data scientist, was ranked as being the top profession — determined by factors such as job openings and demand, salary, and overall job satisfaction rating. With tech-related careers on the rise, and living now in such a data-driven world, Colorado State University will be offering a brand new choice of major for those wanting to pursue this path, come the Fall 2018 Semester.

The Data Science major is the first and only of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. Students in the field will choose a concentration in either computer science, economics, mathematics, or statistics, but will begin with the basic foundations, as with any other major. Courses then become more specialized, including classes in things like data graphics and topological data analysis, culminating with a group capstone project prior to graduating. As part of the capstone, students from all four concentrations will team up to take on real-life data problems. Along with the new major, CSU is also offering 10 new data science courses and there will be opportunities to get involved in research and activities outside of the classroom too.

First-year students can begin enrolling for data science for the Fall semester, and second-year students with relevant credits may also be able to transfer into the major. For more information about the major, visit the data science homepage.

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