Thursday is the big move-in day for incoming students at Colorado State University. For those freshman who have never lived in Fort Collins, welcome to one of the greatest towns ever!

And a word of warning to everyone else travelling in Fort Collins tomorrow; there will be LOTS of extra traffic. If you plan on driving anywhere near campus, you should probably plan an extra 10-20 minutes of drive-time to get through the extra few thousand cars that will be in that area.

I went to CSU (my Alma Mater) yesterday and was blown away by how much the campus has changed, and even more so by how much work is being done, just days before students start moving in. Freshman, you're about to embark on a great adventure that will shape the rest of your life. Work hard and enjoy it! (If you need your music fix we'll be right here waiting to welcome you on 99.9 FM.)

I have a few quick tips for you:

  • There are more great restaurants in this town that you'll ever be able to try.
  • For those of you new to Colorado, we have a natural compass. If you're looking at the mountains, you're looking west.
  • You'll want to avoid College Avenue at all costs for trips across town during the day.
  • There are numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and eateries that cater you your late-night lifestyle. Many open 24-hours, many others until 3am.
  • Fort Collins is home to some of the greatest breweries in the world (once you're old-enough, of course).
  • Before you have to ask “What is Jax?” go check it out for yourself. Trust me.
  • Big City Burrito will become a staple of life for at least part of your college career.
  • Old Town is the trademark of Fort Collins culture. You’ll be there a lot, and you should be. (Side note for the ladies…once the weather turns cold you CAN wear a jacket when you go bar/club hopping. Trust me, no one is checking you out when you’re testing the limits of how much skin you can show while fighting off hypothermia in line for Lucky Joe’s or Bondi. They’re laughing at you.)
  • You now live 10 minutes from the Poudre canyon, 20 minutes from Lory State Park, and 15 minutes from Horsetooth Reservoir. If you’re not already and outdoorsy type, now is the time to become one.
  • derek on poudre
    Derek floating the Pouidre River

    Once again, welcome to town. I hope you love it as much as we do. Go Rams!

    Anyone else have any advice for incoming students at CSU? Comment below.

    Advice for College Students from College Candy


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