One year ago, on August 5, 2020, CSU alumnus Djibril Diol died in a deliberate fire at his Green Valley Ranch home. Three family members escaped, but Diol and four members of his family unfortunately perished.

In an announcement sent from Colorado State's College of Engineering, Diol was described as someone with a positive outlook and outgoing personality. Diol was a member of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, pursuing a degree in civil engineering while at CSU.

Upon graduating, Diol started a position with Kiewit, a privately held construction company, in Denver. At Kiewit, just like at CSU, Diol was admired for his personality and strong work ethic.

Now, a year after the tragedy that claimed Diol's life and the lives of his wife, daughter, sister, and niece, Kiewit is working with Colorado State to establish a civil-engineering scholarship in his name. Kiewit has pledged to donate a $12,500 match to gifts towards the scholarship. The scholarship will be permanently endowed once it reaches $25,000.

While studying at CSU, Diol was a determined student and worker whose focus was to bring his wife and daughter to the U.S. from Senegal. Jason Proskovec, a Kiewit project manager, spoke high praises of the family man Diol was, saying:

What set Jibby apart was his 'why' [...] It was never about [Diol] and his success. [Diol's] success meant a better life for his family and community.

According to the article from CSU, Diol quickly became a U.S. citizen after graduating and promptly brought his wife and daugther to Colorado and moved to northeast Denver.

A year out from the tragedy, three teenagers were arrested for alleged responsibility in the fire. They are being held on charges for arson and first-degree murder, and their court cases are still ongoing in Denver.

For many people, Diol's legacy will live on for several reasons. But, a lot of them feel like this scholarship is the best way to carry on his memory.

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