This is more like a story that will make you say, "Yuck!" and make you wash your mouse. A new study has found out that your computer mouse is three times dirtier than your average toilet. Also, men have 40% more bacteria in their mouse than females. Researchers blame the results on  workers who eat at their desks, turning work stations into breeding grounds for harmful bugs and germs. To add to the list of things in your office that have a lot of bacteria, you have keyboards coming in at number 2 followed by phones and chairs.

Researcher Peter Barratt said;

It is now common for office workers to spend their lunch hour eating at their desk - often surfing the web or continuing to type at the same time.This leaves crumbs and other food residue all over the work station, particularly on mice and keyboards, making them ideal places for bacteria and other microorganisms to survive and multiply. In addition because they are electrical devices these items aren’t cleaned as regularly or as thoroughly as other parts of the office, or even as the desks themselves.

I don't know about you but after reading this I immediatly began sanitizing everything. Unclean! UNCLEAN!

Does reading this affect you cleanliness at your desk or office?


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