Daniel Sloss is coming to town: lovers beware.

If you haven't seen Daniel Sloss's Jigsaw on Netflix yet, I recommend it — however, if you're in a relationship, be careful. Sloss has become known for his father's jigsaw puzzle analogy (hence the title of the special) that carries such a powerful message, it's broken up 10,000+ couples.

In the special, Sloss talks about a conversation he had with his father about the meaning of life. His father tells him our lives are like jigsaw puzzles that we've lost the box for, so we all need to figure out what the final puzzle looks like for ourselves. This means piecing together the four corners: hobbies, job, friends and family, all working towards the center: your perfect partner.

Sloss, in the special, says that what he got from this analogy was:

"If you 're not with someone, you are broken. If you're not with someone, you are incomplete. If you're not with someone, you are not whole."

Sloss claims people are desperate for that perfect center, even sometimes jamming the wrong person in the middle and moving the other pieces of the puzzle around to make them fit.

Even worse, what happens when the person you're with is working on their own jigsaw puzzle, and the final image is something totally different than what you're working towards?

Sorry...did I forget to do a #spoileralert? Either way, this is the central message of Jigsaw, which has a million other little nuggets of golden knowledge you should take in, so hopefully that just made you want to watch it all the more. Plus, even better — Sloss is coming to Boulder on July 13 with a brand new show — Daniel Sloss : X, so you can get your advice live in concert.

Not really sure what to make of this guy still? Check out this hilarious clip from his appearance on Conan:

You can learn more about Daniel Sloss: X right here. Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 10.

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