The evergrowing Firestone, Colorado is the home to one of the coolest community-run light displays in the entire state, and it's firing up again for 2023. Here's all you need to know about the truly amazing St. Vrain Christmas Walk.

What Is The St. Vrain Christmas Walk?

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

Every once in a while, the things you find by accident, end up being some of the coolest things, right? I've lived in Firestone, Colorado for over a decade, so how I never heard about this until just a couple of years ago is a travesty on its own.

My daughter was in a dance class that performed at "Santa's House" along the St. Vrain Christmas Walk, and we couldn't believe how cool this free experience was. It was truly full of holiday magic.

Where Is The St. Vrain Christmas Walk?

The St. Vrain Christmas Walk can be a little tricky to find on your own, but I'm here to help. It's located on the path between Sage Ave. and Saddleback Ave. in the St. Vrain Ranch neighborhood in Firestone, Colorado.

While it's rumored that part of owning a house along this magical pathway requires you to participate, there are a few Grinch's who stay dark, but the majority of them do and it's so cool. Here are some pix I took during my first Christmas walk experience to show you just how fantastic this free holiday tradition is.

Have You Ever Been To The St. Vrain Christmas Walk? It’s Really Cool.

My family had the chance to explore this really fun, and free Christmas walk-through experience last week. We absolutely loved the St. Vrain Christmas Walk in Firestone.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

My daughter did the walk this past week so the lights are up and rolling, and will be displayed all season. The fun specialty stuff like Santa's House only happens on certain nights with the first official night of this year’s walk being held on December 8th. 9th, 15, and 16th. You can learn more now on their official Facebook page, but plan on making the trip, it truly is a very neat holiday experience. Merry Christmas!

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