Xcel Energy-- that's right, the utility company most likely responsible for making your home nice and warm this winter-- is making a groundbreaking move for fighting climate change.

The company recently made the announcement that they'd like to be carbon-free by 2050. Xcel has apparently been investing in greenhouse gas-reducing emissions for over 20 years, and recently presented a new plan to state regulators in August (the Colorado Energy Plan, according to The Denver Post) which was approved.

Our new governor, Jared Polis, is heavily in support of the plan, and told The Denver Post "Colorado has always been a very innovative state and I think it’s great that we’re showing the country the way to keep rates low, have cleaner air and to do our part for our climate and embrace the future of clean energy and make it work for Colorado businesses and individuals".

Xcel Energy is aware that the technology to improve our environment in this way might not exist yet, but they're betting on the future.

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