Known as "America's Biggest, America's Best," it's certainly the biggest and best in Colorado by a mile. Colorado's famous water park is now officially open for the summer of 2024.

Colorado's Largest Waterpark Is Now Open

Courtesy of Water World
Courtesy of Water World

Now that Memorial Day has passed, we're unofficially in summer around Colorado, and these temps are heating up. Colorado will be in the Mid to high 80s this week, with highs in the 90s next week.

When those temperatures heat up around Colorado, you need a place to cool down. Sure, you can hit the neighborhood pool, or pop by the rec center, but why not do something far more epic... Colorado is home to one of the biggest and most spectacular water parks in the world.

Colorado's Water World Is One Of The Biggest Water Parks In The World

The Former Jet Stream was a WW OG! Courtesy of Water World
The Former Jet Stream was a WW OG! Courtesy of Water World

Colorado is famous for many things, but people from all over the country, even the world travel here each summer for one of Colorado's very top attractions, and it's name is Water World.

Opening in tiny Federal Heights, Colorado back in 1979 with Colorado's very first water slide, Water World is now one of the largest and most popular Water parks in the world. The park has grown to roughly 70 acres and has more than 50 water-based attractions, including the brand-new Alpine Springs, as seen below.

From Alpline Springs to the classic attractions like the Thunder Bay wave pool and the lazy river... From the famous Voyage to the Center of the Earth, which is like a Disney ride in a tube, to one of the world's first water coasters, the Mile High Flyer, Water World has something for guests of all ages.

Just like every other year, Water World opened on Memorial Day weekend and will run through Labor Day. While its hours vary occasionally, the park usually opens from 10 am until at least 5 pm.

Having been to other water parks around the country, including the Disney water parks in Orlando, I can confirm that there simply isn't a bigger or better water park that I've come across anyway. Enjoy some fun in the sun this summer and get your soak on sometime at Water World.

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