Friday and Saturday will play host to an astronomy trifecta that includes the full snow moon, a lunar eclipse and Comet 45P all visible in the Colorado sky.

Zoonar RF
Zoonar RF

The weather will be the biggest deterrent from witnessing the event. The lunar eclipse will be visible at approximately 5:43 p.m. on Friday in Denver. The full snow moon will be visible on Friday at 5:34 p.m. And Comet 45P, one that travels to the inner solar system every 5.25 years, will pass 7.4 million miles from Earth and will be seen in the eastern sky around predawn.
Why is it called a "snow moon?" The Farmers' Almanac, says that full moon names are familiar and date back to Native American cultures who would keep track of the seasons by the moon. February was and still is the snowiest month in the U.S. The snow moon is also known as the "Hunger Moon" because the winter weather conditions made hunting difficult.

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