Colorado is full of amazing variety when it comes to cities and towns. 

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We’ve got great locations on the Front Range, like Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and even Boulder if that’s your thing. 

Over on the Western Slope, you’ll also find awesome locals like Grand Junction and Durango. 

Finally, there’s a slew of fantastic towns throughout the Rockies. 

However, according to a study done by WalletHub, one popular city stands out for the wrong reason; it is one of the worst run cities in the entire country. 

Denver Ranked as One of the Worst Run Cities in America


Now, this isn’t an indictment on Denver as a city in general. In fact, Denver has consistently ranked towards the top of multiple different city related lists.

However, in WalletHubs study that included 149 cities across the United States, Denver ranked 135th. 

They ranked each city on two criteria: Quality of City Services and Total Budget per Capita. 

 City Services has multiple different factors, including infrastructure, safety, health, and education. 

Within the Quality of City Services category, ranked 63rd, which is by no means terrible.

However, where Denver really falls apart is their Total Budget per Capita, where it ranks 142nd out of 149.

Did Any Other Colorado Cities Rank Higher Than Denver


Yes, in fact two other Colorado cities are on the list, both of which are ranked higher than Denver. 

Aurora made an appearance on the list, where the Denver Metro city ranked 59th. That is a huge jump ahead of Denver. 

In both categories, Aurora is essentially right in the middle, placing 70th in Quality of City Services and 68th in Total Budget per Capita. 

The highest ranked Colorado city in the study is Colorado Springs, which places 49th. 

It ranked 60th in Quality of City Services and 55th in Total Budget per Capita.

Do you agree with WalletHub’s rankings for each of these cities? Let us know.

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