There’s been a lot of news recently regarding Colorado grocery stores over the past few weeks. 

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Whether it is Colorado Targets and Walmarts locking up underwear or Colorado’s Attorney General suing Kroger and Albertsons, grocery stores have been making headlines. 

In a recent study, looked to find the best and worst grocery stores in the entire country. 

They took a look at 3,000 grocery stores in 100 cities across the United States and analyzed both the ratings and amount of Google Reviews for each store. 

However, they found that one Colorado based chain has stood out as the worst in the entire country

King Soopers is Named the Worst Grocery Store Chain in the United States

Michael Ciaglo // Getty Images
Michael Ciaglo // Getty Images

In’s study, they also found which grocery store chains in particular people seemed to like the least. 

In their list of the 10 Worst Major Grocery Store Chains, King Soopers topped the list with an average star rating of 3.938 out of 5. That is almost an entire point lower than the second worst, Save A Lot, at 4.019 out of 5. 

Taking third place is Kroger, who owns King Soopers, who have an average rating of 4.023 stars out of 5. 

Multiple King Soopers Locations in Colorado Have Some of the Worst Customer Experiences in the Country

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ever notice that the lines at King Soopers can feel like they never end? It would seem you’re not alone. 

In their list of the top ten grocery stores with the worst lines, three Aurora based King Soopers locations were mentioned. 

The King Soopers at 3050 S Peoria Street in Aurora topped the entire list, with nearly 5% of reviews mentioning the long lines. 

The same store ranked 18th in the worst food quality category as well.

Customer service seems to be an issue as well. The King Soopers at 4271 S Buckley Road in Aurora ranked 18th in the list of worst customer service experiences.

What is the Worst King Soopers Store in Colorado?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Despite all of the attention thus far going towards the King Soopers locations in Aurora, one in another city stands as the worst in the entire state.

The King Soopers on 1331 Speer Boulevard in Denver, Colorado, not only ranks as the worst King Soopers location in the state, but ranks as the 16th worst grocery store in the entire country.. 

Out of 5 stars, it has an average rating of 3.7, with a total of 1,295 ratings. 

Even though many Coloradans are proud of the local grocery store chain, it would seem that many have had quite the rough experience shopping at King Soopers.

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