A Walmart in Colorado has been ordered to close their doors to the public after  being linked to multiple cases of COVID-19 and violating the public health order.

According to the Tri-County Health Department, the Walmart Supercenter, located at 14000 E. Exposition in Aurora, was the target of many complaints over the past few weeks. Both employees and shoppers criticized the store for a lack of social distancing inside the crowded building, as well as workers not covering their faces.

Furthermore, one of the store's employees, a 72-year-old woman, passed away as a result of the virus. Sadly, her 63-year-old husband also died. In addition, a third-party contracted security guard who worked at the supercenter passed away, too. Six other people with ties to this specific Walmart have tested positive as well, and three more cases are awaiting results from the testing lab.

The Walmart was ordered to close their doors immediately after a visit from the health department on April 23.  According to the health department, the Walmart is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

The store will remain closed until they are in full compliance with the public heath order and the health department gives them the green light to re-open.

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