It's a fear many of us have, especially with such an important election coming up: what if my vote isn't counted?

In the past, this has happened because of signature discrepancies, or what happens when election judges don't think your signature on your ballot matches the one they have on file. Thanks to a new program called TXTt2Cure, voters can fix this with just their smartphone.

According to The Denver Channel:

If a voter is notified by their county election office that they have a signature discrepancy on their ballot, they can text the word “Colorado” to 2VOTE (28638) [...] The person will enter their voter ID number that is printed on the rejection notice, confirm they submitted a ballot, sign the affidavit on their phone, take a picture of their legal photo ID and submit the information.

You'll have a deadline of November 12 to complete those changes, since the program passed a "cyber test" put on by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Thanks to this program, more young voters' ballots will be counted in the upcoming election.

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