Do you love taking road trips in Colorado? It's one of my favorite things to do. I love mountains and I love driving especially with all that sunshine. When cabin fever strikes, at least we live in one of the best places to get outside.

While we wait for ice-free roads and warmer temps we can start thinking about some fun road trips we can enjoy with friends and family. From mountain towns to concert venues, here is a list of places that will be totally worth it when you get there.

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Is Colorado One of the Worst States to Drive In?

Analysis from WalletHub seems to constantly rank Colorado as one of the worst states in America to drive in. We made their top ten again this year. Vehicle theft, congestion, and poor road conditions are typically the reasons for our less-than-stellar reputation. I've tried to embrace this and go around telling everyone how bad the roads are. I think it's working. I'm seeing less traffic en route to cool places.

Colorado Towns Near Cool Features

Each one of the places on our list below is close to some sort of outdoor feature that you can enjoy once you arrive. A town that is 'worth the drive' might have an amazing Colorado 14er towering overhead, or maybe it just has a bunch of great breweries really close by. No matter what they do to the price of gas, these Colorado towns will be worth visiting when you roll through.

Colorado's Scenic Byways

Some of the best miles you can put on your vehicle will be to take one of Colorado's scenic byways during the spring, summer, or fall. Many of the locations below are near one of the 26 Scenic and Historic Byways in our state which makes driving, even more, fun no matter what the snobs at WalletHub say.

A Drive to These 13 Colorado Towns Will Be Worth It

When cabin fever strikes, thank your lucky stars you live in Colorado. Every day is a chance to see something breathtaking that no other state gets to enjoy. We're looking at 13 towns in the Centennial state that are totally worth the drive.

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