Recently, there have been many concerted efforts by both Walmart and Target to get rid of theft in their stores in Colorado. They are looking to quell the $112.1 billion in lost profits due to theft.

However, shoppers of numerous Targets in Colorado, particularly in the Denver area, are starting to see a new fee pop up on their receipts.

It has left many shoppers feeling confused over what it means and why they are being charged extra.

What is the New Fee at Colorado Targets?

Getty Images // Scott Olson
Getty Images // Scott Olson

The new added fee to shoppers’ receipts is called a Public Improvement Fee (PIF). It is a 1.00% fee that applies specifically to the Target on Lowry Boulevard and Quebec Street.

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In Northern Colorado, you will usually see this fee attached to larger developments and redevelopment projects, including places like the Front Range Village, Foothills Mall, the Exchange, Harmony Commons, and Centerra.

However, it is not like these fees are hidden once a customer buys a product. At the Targets in Denver, there are signs outside of the stores to let customers know about it.

What Do Public Improvement Fees Pay For in Colorado?

Getty Images // Scott Olson
Getty Images // Scott Olson

According to CBS News Colorado, these fees have actually been commonplace over the past 25 to 30 years.

They are specifically used when places of business are initially opened and are fees paid by the company towards land developers. However, these fees can last upwards of 20 years.

Land developers then use the money from the fees to go towards improvements in the area, such as road work, water lines, and multiple other different improvements.

With Target’s new fee, there is no posted time for when it will end.

On the other hand, KOAA News 5 notes that with the rise in population across the state, more land development is needed. Hence, these fees will likely be seen more often over the next few years.

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