Are you worried that Juul is targeting your kids when it comes to their advertisements? Yeah, so is Colorado.

According to The Denver Post, Attorney General Phil Weiser has been conducting an investigation against Juul for an entire year, concluding that Juul:

"violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act by targeting young smokers with attractive flavors and designs, as well as misleading information about the risks of vaping tobacco." (Source)

Weiser argued in the lawsuit that Juul needs to be aware of what they're doing to Colorado's youth, and held accountable for the health risks it's posing for teens.

You may argue that it's just good marketing, but companies aren't allowed to be deceptive, and if the product is posing a danger to kids with high nicotine levels and misleading packaging, that's where the lawsuits start flowing in.

A spokesperson for Juul said in the article that they are working with pubic health officials and attorneys in all lawsuits as well as working to regain the trust of society, but it may not be enough.

What do you think of the lawsuit: is it valid? Let us know in the comments.

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