Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is getting savvy with their social media ⁠— and it's for a good reason.

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CBS4 reports that criminals stole more than 2,000 catalytic converters from Denver residents last year, and, according to CSP, Coloradans as a whole saw almost 37,000 auto thefts in 2021 ⁠— an 88% increase in the past five years.

So, how can we prevent these crimes? Thankfully, CSP has a new series of cheeky Facebook videos to help us out:

Tip #1: Lock Your M************ Car

The concept of locking your car door may seem pointless when thinking about theft. If they want to steal my car, won't they break in anyway? Nope.

"Consider car thieves to be the raccoons of the human world. Those trash pandas want an easy meal, so they look for open or exposed garbage cans [that] they can access easily," said CSP. "If it's too difficult to get into, they move on to the next can until they get what they want."

Keep that car locked...and your trash can too (for the real trash pandas).

Tip #2: Avoid Using Your Remote Start...Even When It's Cold Out

During the winter months, it can be tempting to start your car and leave it running unattended while you wait for it to warm up. Unfortunately, this action makes your vehicle a big theft target.

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"Consider a running vehicle like a blinking light. Car thieves will literally roam neighborhoods, often in pairs or small groups, in order to find those unattended running cars," said CSP. "Resist the urge to remote start and leave your vehicle alone."

Your freezing car may not feel great in the moment, but it can't feel worse than theft.

Tip #3: The Rules of Theft Prevention are Like the Rules of Real Estate

Brock Wegner // Unsplash
Brock Wegner // Unsplash

Location, location, location, baby. Keep your cars in the garage and don't leave your vehicles in dark public areas.

"Trust your gut. If an area seems sketchy, find another spot that feels safer," said CSP. "Help us help you."

Click here to watch CSP's full series.

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