An overwhelmed breeder surrendered 50 beautiful purebred Husky pups to four Colorado local animal shelters recently.

According to KDVR, the Larimer County Humane Society, The Dumb Friends League, The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region got together to take in these pups and give them proper shelter and nutrition.

Humane Society officials are saying that the dogs are in pretty good health but are pretty under socialized and will need training before they're able to be up for adoption. (I want one REALLY BAD)

While I absolutely love and adore our Lucy the Labra-heeler-hound mix...

A purebred husky has always been my dream dog. Just something about those beautiful blue eyes.  Also, I'd like to send a shout out and show of appreciation for all of the workers and volunteers at these and all animal shelters who do such a great job in making sure our furry four legged friends are able to be well taken care of until they find their forever home.

If you'd like to help support and care for these husky pups or any other animals, check out Dumb Friends League, Larimer County Humane Society, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, and the Humane Society Pikes Peak Region.

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