Senator Michael Bennet has recently become a viral sensation, but what actually happened on the senate floor this week?

The government shutdown has been angering...well, pretty much everyone as local Colorado government workers feel the pain of missed paychecks with every passing day. In the midst of all this, Senator Michael Bennet had enough, and reacted to remarks from republican senator Ted Cruz with an impassioned speech on Thursday (and, in the meantime, became an internet sensation).

Senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju tweeted that Bennet is "a mild-mannered guy and doesn’t raise his voice much - if at all - but he’s downright yelling in anger and frustration over the shutdown and Ted Cruz on the usually tame Senate floor" (See his tweet here).

Social media lit up with support for Colorado's senator, and national news outlets covered his passionate rant, which you can view in full right here:

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