If you live in Colorado, chances are you absolutely love it here. 

We’ve got multiple towns that are just lovely to be in, some of the highest rated cities in the entire country, and everywhere you look there’s a ton of history

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In the past, it seemed Colorado was the place everyone wanted to move to. However, in recent years, the state has been falling off in terms of the best states to live in

While there’s so many incredible things about living here, there’s also plenty of reasons Colorado may not be the destination you’re looking for.

Red Flags for People Moving to Colorado

Before you decide to live out your Colorado dreams, there are a few red flags to consider first.

Gallery Credit: David Damuth

Take a Look at Colorado's "Code of the West" for Transplants

Former Larimer County commissioner John Clarke created a "Code of the West" for transplants — and other Colorado city slickers. Read on to see Summit County's take on his advice for Centennial State living.

Gallery Credit: Emily Mashak

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