Buying a car in Colorado, like in any state, can be stressful. Colorado, however, seems to be a state where you're going to get strong-armed into a purchase. Not cool.

There are very many upstanding and friendly car dealers across the Centennial State; how does Colorado end up being ranked so poorly when it comes to buying a car?

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Buying a car is big deal: It's your means of transportation, it's a big part of your budget, and you want actually like the vehicle. So, when you go to a dealership to get a car, truck or SUV, the very last thing you want is to be bullied, or pushed around, while trying to get it done.

A Chicago-based car detailing company wanted to see if customer service within car dealerships matched up to the customer service they strive for. They went through 40,000 low-star Google reviews for nearly 7,000 dealerships across 100 cities to do so.

What Defines a "Pushy" Car Dealer?

Traits of pushy car dealerships can include:

  • High-pressure.
  • Harassing.
  • Pushing to upgrade the vehicle.
  • Undelivered promises.
  • Unresponsive after sale.
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What Are the Pushiest Car Brands in America?

  • Fiat
  • KIA
  • Chrysler

Colorado Ranks in the Top 10 for States with the Pushiest Car Dealers

According to the study, Colorado lands at #6 for having the most pushy car dealerships; Wisconsin came in at #1.

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Colorado Has the Most-Pushiest Independent Car Dealership

According to the study, Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers in Colorado Springs is the pushiest car dealership, when it comes to independent car dealerships.

When it comes to car dealerships, overall, they ranked at #2.

Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers in Colorado Springs
Google Maps

In contrast, awarded Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers their Consumer Satisfaction Award, according to their website.

Have you been up against a pushy car dealership in Colorado?

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