Over the past year, there’s been plenty of news about license plates here in Colorado. In fact, the state’s new black plates have made quite the headlines. People seem to love a good throwback plate.  

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On the other hand, this year marked a time when many new plates were introduced, and Colorado’s DMV has revealed a list of the total amount of each plate that was registered in the state in 2023.

The list has literally every plate in circulation in the entire state, which includes both classics still in print today and retired plates only a few people still have today.

With that being said, it’s worth going through the list to find the most popular plates in the entire state.

Colorado's Most Popular License Plates in 2023

Before hopping into Colorado’s favorite license plates of 2023, let’s set one ground rule first. For one, we will only be looking through the Group Special License Plate category. These are plates that are initiated by a nonprofit and must need a petition of at least 3,000 people to qualify.
The reason is because, to be frank, if we counted regular license plates, this list would get boring quite quickly. However, one regular plate will be getting an honorable mention, since it took the state by storm this year.
Without further adieu, let’s dive into Colorado’s most popular license plates from 2023.

Gallery Credit: David Damuth

New Black License Plates and Other Colors Available in Colorado

Black, blue, and red license plates are now available for your vehicles in the state of Colorado.

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Colorado 150th Anniversary License Plates - 13 & Under Honorable Mention Entries

Colorado's DMV held a contest for people to enter their design for what will be the state's 150th anniversary plate. Nearly 100 kids also sent in their cute, artistic and "Truly Colorado" ideas.

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