Here comes that feeling again, "I should have bought a ticket," as word has it that someone in Colorado cashed in with that big $1 billion+ Megamillions drawing.

Somebody got pretty lucky on March 26, 2024, with that huge Mega Millions drawing; not as lucky as the person or persons who bought the winning ticket in New Jersey, but still.. pretty lucky.

You may have been trying to get a piece of that $1.13 billion, whether by buying tickets on your own or pooling with friends; but, alas, here you are with nothing but losing numbers.

It can be very frustrating, especially when you hear that someone in Colorado did cash in. On the bright side, for us, is that it wasn't an "Earthshattering" amount. That would have only added to our jealousy.

Colorado Ticket Good for $1 Million with Mega Millions Drawing

According to 9News, one ticket bought in Colorado won $1 million. So, technically, that person won't even be a millionaire, after taxes.

Where Was the Winning Mega Millions Ticket Bought in Colorado?

That ticket was purchased at the Safeway off of E-470 and Ken Caryl Avenue.

Colorado Safeway
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Do you seek out places that have had a winning ticket bought there, or do you mark them off your list (lightening won't strike twice?)  A lot of folks fall under the former; that place is now a "lucky" spot to buy tickets.

What Were the Winning Jackpot Numbers?

7-11-22-29-38 with Mega Ball 4.  Those first two numbers seem lucky, already: 7 and 11. I need to remember that. But, then again, will lightening strike twice?

Get Lucky: The Luckiest Spots in Northern Colorado to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket

Rather than purchasing a lottery ticket from just any random place, press your luck by drawing some numbers at a spot that has a reputation of producing big Mega Millions winners.

Keeping scrolling to see where the luckiest spots to buy a Mega Millions Ticket in Northern Colorado are:

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