Colorado is known for its majestic views, mountains, and outdoor activities, so it should come as no surprise that people are moving here at an unprecedented rate. Sadly, with the population increase comes an increase in crime from the FBI Crime in the United States report.

According to the report, these are the most dangerous cities in Colorado:

1. Glendale - Even with a low population (5,293), this Denver suburb has an incredibly high crime rate, with 46 violent crimes, 8 rapes, 6 robberies and 32 aggravated assaults in 2018 alone.

2. Sheridan - This dangerous city is in southwest Denver and reports 52 violent crimes, 7 rapes, 11 robberies and 34 aggravated assaults. The FBI added that the city had 543 property crimes, 47 burglaries, 424 larceny thefts and 72 motor vehicle thefts.

3. Pueblo - Pueblo is the second biggest Colorado city on this list. Pueblo has 111,756 residents with 1,110 violent crimes reported in 2018.

4. Alamosa - Alamosa is home to nearly 10,000 residents and - sadly - 56 violent crimes (12 rapes, 9 robberies and 35 aggravated assaults).

5. Federal Heights - With a population of 12,929, this Denver suburb lands at the number 5 spot on the FBI Crime in the United States report. In 2018, the city had 2 murders, 9 rapes, 12 robberies and 63 aggravated assaults. It wasn't just violent crimes plaguing the city, however, as Federal Heights also experienced 554 property crimes.

6. Greenwood Village - This up-and-coming area has 15,000+ residents and was riddled with crime in 2018. Greenwood Village had 94 violent crimes (9 rapes, 7 robberies and 78 aggravated assaults) and ended 2018 with 728 property crimes.

7. Canon City - This city is well-known for the world-famous Royal Gorge and has a population of 16,557. Unfortunately, the city has a very high crime rate, too. The FBI reports that Canon City experienced more than 94 violent crimes and 757 property crimes.

8. Denver - The capitol of Colorado lands at the number 8 spot on the list. Denver is home to 720,745 residents and has a ridiculously high crime rate with 65 murders, 717 rapes and 1,211 robberies in 2018.

9. La Junta - Up front, La Junta looks like a normal American town, but it holds a secret. The town has had its fair share of trouble, reporting 12 rapes, 1 robbery and 21 aggravated assaults in 2018.

10. Trinidad - This New Mexico/Colorado border city is home to 7,947 residents. In 2018 they had 5 rapes, 5 robberies, 33 aggravated assaults and 20 motor vehicle thefts.

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