Recently, a study found that Colorado landlords ranked as some of the most disliked in America. In fact, Colorado has the fourth-worst rated landlords in the entire country. 

For many, a bad landlord is someone who may neglect issues you’re having. Maybe they don’t try to repair broken items in your home. Maybe they are raising your rent. 

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While these are all unfair, they have nothing on something that just happened in Colorado.

Colorado Landlord Charges Family $4,140 Because Their Mother Died

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That’s right, the rental management company Greystar recently charged a woman in named Leticia Farrer for dying during her lease at their Avenida at Centerra location in Loveland

According to CBS News Colorado, who reported the incident, most leases are immediately terminated after a tenant passes away. 

In Farrer’s case, her lease was much more predatory. She suffered from dementia, and Greystar had her sign a lease that said if she dies, she would be responsible for the rest of the lease. The company also kept her security deposit as well. 

If a tenant dies and signs such a contract, how does the landlord expect to get money? Well, charge the family of course. 

Farrer’s family does not plan on paying the fees, and rightly so.  

The Problems With Greystar Extend Far Past the Case of Leticia Farrer

Greystar is actually being sued in Denver in a class action lawsuit for junk fees that many say are illegal. These hidden fees are for things that are usually covered by landlords, such as pest control and trash disposal. 

The former tenant who is suing, Nicole Collins, says these fees did not actually align with any sort of additional service the management company claims they were doing. 

As it stands right now, Greystar is the largest management company in the country for rental properties. 

Renters on Greystar properties have noted that the company constantly increases rent, even though the quality of the properties seems to be in decline all the time. 

This all falls in line with a shift in the American rental market that is seeing property management leave the hands of individual landlords to large private-equity firms. 

As of right now, both the case of Leticia Farrer and Nicole Collins have not been fully resolved.

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