Our state is seeing plenty of new faces these days.

I believe this pandemic really got us thinking about our lives. For one, we realized just how short they can be, but also I feel that people really started examining their quality of life too. I know I was asking myself about happiness and fulfillment, were you?

One of those questions is whether or not you live where you want to live.

For many, the answer to that question meant it was time to move. For some, that move was to Colorado. Actually it was more than "some" moving. In fact, according to Apartment Guide, the population of Colorado grew more than most states. We landed at number six on their list of "Fastest Growing States." Our population grew 14.8 percent during 2020.

They then praised Colorado for it's outdoor amenities, like the national parks. It also noted that our state lends itself to living an active lifestyle. Couple this with the job market and you've got a great place to be. The website heralded the industries found in our state like technology, craft beer and aerospace. I mean, we know off of this and don't really have to be sold on it. After all, we live here for a reason.

In addition to drafting this list, the website also compiled a list of the best cities to live in. While this list didn't rank the cities themselves, it was still nice to see that Fort Collins made the cut. The others included Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Lakewood.

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