One of the most iconic parts of Colorado is its beautiful mountain ranges, full of epic hiking trails that the most basic to the most advanced hikers can take part in. However, everyone knows that before you tackle a fourteener (a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet), a little basic training is needed.

If you want to hit one of these peaks, a new gym in Denver has the solution you need. It's called Traverse Fitness and, according to Out There Colorado, it features a "hypoxic" studio. This is a space that allows for oxygen-reduced or oxygen-increased air in order to simulate the experience of hiking in high elevations.

The studio, coming in at 1,100 square feet, features controlled, sterile air, as well as exercise bikes, treadmills, weights and more.

However, maybe you want to go further than just a fourteener. Maybe your goals are to master an even higher elevation. Traverse's Altitude Studio can simulate conditions ranging all the way up to 20,000 feet.

Traverse is located on South Broadway in downtown Denver, and also features a co-working space if you've already gotten your workout in and just need a place to get a little work done. You can read more about Traverse Fitness and the Altitude Studio right here. 

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