Jonathan Mather takes Colorado 14'ers to a whole another level.

The 25-year-old barefoot hiker has already conquered 25 of Colorado's famous 58 summits above 14,000 feet without any shoes on.

Mather recently told the Denver Channel that "when he's barefoot, his feet are feeling Mother Earth and that the sensory experience is like nothing else".

His story is just as impressive as his barefoot hiking adventures considering he spent a few years so sick, he contemplated taking his own life. Now he says the barefoot hiking is not prove anything but just that he enjoys it.

I actually have had friends back in Washington say similar things about barefoot hiking.  I personally have only tried it for about 20 minutes myself before I slipped the hiking boots back on after stepping on a pokey root. (OUCH)

PHOTOS: Mt. Rainier Washington Summit

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