We live in a wonderful place, I love Colorado and I love sharing my adventures with you whether it's a solo adventure or one with my son. Hiking brings us excitement and joy and I hope we can bring a little of that for you as well...along with some helpful info.

Whether you're looking for something closer because you're lacking time and don't want to spend half the day driving to and from your destination or you just want to take in a fresh perspective of Northern Colorado from high atop a mountain, there are plenty of options for you to take on a summit hike and do it in about an hour...90 minutes, TOPS.

Nothing beats getting out and up to clear the mind and give you a whole new appreciation on things by seeing the beauty of our home from a few thousand feet up. Colorado has a multitude of summit hikes that are straight from postcards, and if you think those are only deeper in the mountains and a much farther drive, that's not necessarily 100% true.

Sure, many of those hikes are a bit of a drive but thankfully, we have plenty of those practically in our backyard and I wanted to put together a few of those for you to check out. I've done 3 of these 5 and and plan on tackling the other two soon.

5 Hikes With Insane Views Within An Hour Drive From Greeley

Of COURSE I have to put Greyrock on this list, even though I haven't done it quite yet. It IS on my list and will definitely happen in the next couple of weeks, especially after watching this...

YouTube/Learning To Travel

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