Ten years ago, Colorado didn't have enough jobs for residents. Now, we don't have enough workers to fill all the available positions.

Colorado had about 150,000 job openings in September and only 85,000 people unemployed and seeking work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Colorado's unemployment rate dipped to 2.5% in December, the lowest level in at least 44 years. October and November tied for the previous record low rate of 2.5% in early 2017.

Two counties in Colorado (Yuma and Kiowa) had the nation's lowest seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate of 1.1% in December.

Colorado as a state ranks fifth — South Carolina, Utah and Vermont are tied for first at 2.3%. North Dakota ranks fourth at 2.4%.

According to the Denver Post, one economist is nervous, saying Colorado is in "uncharted territory." Gary Horvath goes on to say, "I'm baffled by how companies are making this work."

The concern is that everyone will be affected by the lack of workers. Deliveries could be delayed because of lack of drivers. Some school classrooms will be overcrowded because there's not enough teachers. Even RTD buses may have to change schedules because of a lack of drivers.

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