How about a new house for Christmas? Hey, if you have been really good this year it could not hurt to ask Santa for a home next to the Colorado National Monument with an incredible view.

Maybe you have the means to make it happen all by yourself. Well, this home at 386 Tegan Court is worth your consideration if you love the CNM, and have always wanted to enjoy your own backyard pool.

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Where is 386 Tegan Court in Grand Junction?

South Camp Road links South Broadway to Monument Road in the Redlands. You'll find Tegan Court located off of South Camp Road, with 386 sitting at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. You'll be able to enjoy living close to the beautiful Redlands Mesa Golf Course and the famous Lunch Loop trailhead.

How Close is this Home to the Colorado National Monument?

This home sits closest to the Ute Canyon area of the Colorado National Monument, If you climb up the Liberty Cap trail you'll be able to look down and see your house right there. Scroll through the photos below so you can see the view from the pool out back.

Enjoy Poolside Views, a Hot Tub, and a Home Theater

Beautiful unobstructed views, a hot tub, and an inground pool, plus a home theater make this exactly the kind of home Santa might give to someone who has been as good as you have all year. Scroll on to take a closer look at this opportunity in Grand Junction's Redlands.

Grand Junction Redlands Home Sits Next to the Colorado National Monument

Enjoy incredible poolside views of the Colorado National Monument from this single-family home on Tegan Court in Grand Junction. You'll live across Camp Road from Ute Canyon in full view of the Monument and the Liberty Cap.

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