It's not climate change causing the ice to shift/move, but the fact that they just can't create the castles where they did in Dillon for 2021's season.

It's one of the 'coolest' attractions in Colorado every year, Ice Castle at Dillon. Thousands have traveled up to Summit County to explore the wonder that the sculptors have chiseled out.

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Before you start chiseling out a game plan to go check out the attraction, keep in mind that OuThereColorado and the Summit Daily News report that they won't be in Dillon for 2021.

Dillon is doing a lot of construction, and part of what's happening up there is right where Ice Castles normally sets up, so they just don't have a place to go.

However, with luck, neighboring town Silverthorne will be picking up the ball and having the 20-million-pound, hand-crafted structures in a parking lot near the Outlets at Silverthorne at the Dillon Reservoir Dam. So really, it's the same drive from Fort Collins.

It turns out, that the very first time that Ice Castles came to Colorado, ten years ago, was in Silverthorne; so this would be like an anniversary homecoming if all goes through.

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If only it was easy as Superman's 'Fortress of Solitude,' But, his fortress was never as cool as Ice Castles, with their LED light shows, the tunnels, and waterfalls. The company builds the attractions in only six cities across the U.S.

The Colorado location ($20 for adults, $15 for children) is slated to open in December of 2021, according to their website.

Source: Summit County Daily News

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