The hits keep coming when it comes to areas shutting down due to the mudslides in the Glenwood Canyon area.

If you've ever done the hike into Hanging Lake about three and a half hours from Fort Collins, you know that it can be tough, in parts. I remember my first time and was amazed at how many people were on the trail, considering how difficult it gets in places.

It was announced on Wednesday, August 18 that because the trail is in such horrible shape nobody should be traveling it. Bridges and paths are shot, and it's going to take major restoration to get things back to a state where it's safe for folks to traverse the route. They aren't even sure as to how long it will take, so 'indefinitely' is the word.

Hanging Lake was recently in the news because the beautiful waters had been turned dark and dirty because of the mudslides. I can attest that those waters are a sight to see after making the trek into the site; if the lake was murky, it would have been a bummer.

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In the end, it's probably just as well that the lake is closed for a while, with travel along I-70 in that area being so disrupted, again by those mudslides.

[Source: Denver Gazette]

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