Being robbed can be a traumatizing experience, but being robbed of a family member must be devastating. That's what happened to a family in Lakewood, Colorado, as their 8-week-old Doberman puppy was stolen from them earlier this week.

The patriarch of the family, Jonathan Zaldana said that while his new puppy was playing in the side yard, two people were caught on camera Tuesday morning reaching into the yard and abducted the dog, appropriately named Dobie.

The following day saw the Zaldana family canvassing the neighborhood with flyers, bound and determined to get their puppy back. The Zaldanas were adamant about getting their puppy back, going door to door aggressively, and, as noted by Zaldana, "When you're furious, you're just knocking everywhere!"

Luckily, as the family was vigorously trying to find their stolen puppy, they ended up in a nearby trailer park where they continued to knock on every door they could, and eventually found a man that had just recently purchased their stolen dog.

The man who had purchased Dobie shortly after he was kidnapped, did end up giving the family the opportunity to get their furry friend back, but because he ended up spending $200 on the dog, offered the Zaldanas the puppy back for the same price that he had paid.

However, it would appear that money wasn't an issue for the family in getting their puppy back safe and sound. Zaldana said:

I can’t believe, when he brought him out, my wife dropped down in tears. I feel like I won the lottery. Finally got him back

The Lakewood Police are currently investigating the crime.

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