Colorado is currently looking for ways to lower the ballot rejection rate after 29,000 ballots in Colorado were reportedly not counted due to errors.

The biggest problem? The ballot signature. According to the Colorado Sun, in the "vast majority of the ballots voided, the voter's signature didn't match the one in state records."

This has happened before, if you were wondering. The Sun reported that in the 2016 election, 0.9% of the votes cast weren't counted. In 2020, that percentage was 0.8%.

The biggest issue are ballots coming from younger, unaffiliated voters. Plus, 2,000 of these votes were from ballots that arrived after the time cutoff on election day.

However, with all of that in mind, Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold wants Colorado to know that the election was legitimate, and she officially certified the Colorado results on Tuesday, December 8. Next year, the state will focus more on their text-to-cure program that they began pushing this year, where voters can correct or confirm signature issues straight from their smartphone, so that their ballot will be counted after all.

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