A Colorado Springs day care owner Carla M. Faith, 58, allegedly hid 26 toddlers behind a "false wall" in a basement.

She's now charged with child abuse and attempting to influence a public servant, according to court documents, according to a CTV News report.

Her bond is set for $3,000, and the Colorado Department of Human Services website reports the day care license suspended.

Her charges are from the incident that occurred in November.

Officers visited Play Mountain Place in Colorado Springs after the state Department of Human Services received complaints about overcrowding. The day care's licensed capacity was six children.

While visiting officers heard children but didn't see any, then they found the false wall with 26 toddlers hiding with two adults.

Three day care workers were arrested for "misdemeanor child abuse relating to neglect," police said, but detectives canceled the charges "pending further investigation", and Faith was not arrested at the time, police said, "as detectives pursue appropriate charges", according CTV news.

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