20 bighorn sheep are preparing for a new home here in Colorado, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

CPW posted some backstory on the animals and their history in our state: according to the department, the animals were pushed to near-extinction in the 1880s due to disease, and hunting the sheep was therefore banned. In the early 1940s, 27 bighorn sheep were captured and used to re-establish herds all across Colorado.

The current herd that needs relocation, the Rampart herd near the Garden of the Gods, was established by accident in 1946 after a truck carrying sheep to Pikes Peak broke down and the animals were able to escape. Today, using hay and apple pulp (yum) these sheep will be lured to capture and relocated to Victor. Check out the photos of the herd below:

We hope the bighorn sheep herd loves their new home!

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