Botanical gardens are always a fantastic addition to any city.

They bring together people from all walks of life to create a sense of community, with beautiful landscapes and a ton of great activities. 

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However, in a busy Colorado tourist market, one botanical garden stands out as not only the best in the state, but one of the finest in the country. 

Denver Botanic Gardens Ranks as the Sixth Best Botanical Gardens in the US

Labdhi P. (Yelp User)
Labdhi P. (Yelp User)

On a list from TripAdvisor, they ranked Denver Botanic Gardens as the sixth best in the entire country. They also ranked it as the seventh best thing to do in Denver as a whole. 

They note that across its 24 acres, there’s a fantastic diversity in plants and scenery, with the altitude providing a different feel than other gardens. 

The garden boasts that their selection of plants and greenery gives them a decidedly Western flair that you can’t find anywhere else. 

What is There to Do at the Denver Botanic Gardens?

Nick C. (Yelp User)
Nick C. (Yelp User)

At the Denver Botanic Gardens, the $15 price tag for entry gives you access to the beautiful scenery. 

However, they also have so much more. For example, they love to host art exhibitions.

They also have a natural history collection that goes deep into plants, fungi, and even arthropods. These are on display at the Freyer-Newman Center, and allow people to get a deeper look at what makes the Denver Botanic Gardens so special. 

Finally, along with horticulture and biodiversity programs for research, they offer people educational programs. They have programs for children and adults alike, along with a class that helps you learn how to illustrate plants in an accurate way. 

With all of these considerations, it makes sense that Denver Botanic Gardens is amongst the nation’s elite when it comes to botanical gardens.

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