Dreaming of that post-pandemic getaway?

What do you think of when you hear the words "vacation home"? I think of a lavish mansion on a private island in the middle of the Caribbean that is only accessible by helicopter. Too much? Probably. Vacation homes, just like regular homes, come in all shapes and sizes. And, spoiler alert, they don't have to be on an island or even close to the beach.

In fact, they can be in Colorado.

Recently, House Beautiful, created a list of the Most Affordable Places to Buy a Vacation Home in America. They were on a mission to prove you can have that coveted "vacation home" status without breaking the bank or being a Kardashian. You can find a pretty stellar getaway home in Park County, Colorado.

Yep, the same place that South Park is based in.

Park County is a quiet place snuggled in the mountains where fishing is king. The homes are also fairly affordable with the average price coming in right around $100,000. It's a welcomed break from the real world and could be a great AirBnb side hustle as well. Just don't schedule any guests for the weeks you want to use it.

It may not be ideal during this quarantine, but what a great investment to look forward to afterward.

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