The City of Fort Collins is looking to add two new routes to its MAX bus system.

According to The Coloradoan, the first new route would run from the Colorado State University Foothills Campus to the school's main campus, spanning about four miles along West Elizabeth Street.

The second new route would extend an existing line, beginning at the Downtown Transit Center, for another two miles north on College Avenue.

The City's Director of Transfort Drew Brooks told the publication that the West Elizabeth route is expected to be completed within the next five years, while the North College project is expected to take a little longer.

Federal funding will help cover the costs of the new lines, which are set to operate in some of the most densely-populated areas in Fort Collins.

Brooks believes that the new lines will help reduce travel times. The West Elizabeth line will also operate in existing travel lanes, as opposed to the MAX's current Mason Street line, which operates in its own lane.

Brooks is still unsure as to how the new lines will connect to the current MAX routes; however, he hopes that the routes will allow for travelers to take a singular uninterrupted route from the Foothills Campus to the Downtown Transit Center.

The Coloradoan also reports that a MAX route coinciding with Harmony Road might be in the future, but for now, the City's short-term focus remains on the new West Elizabeth and North College lines.

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