It's been a confusing week too difficult to process for many of us, but love and support for our Fort Collins police officers has also poured in.

Fort Collins Police Services shared a photo of a cookie cake on their Facebook page, which was dropped off at the police station by citizens thankful that officers are putting their lives on the line to keep our community safe.

"On this dark day, Fort Collins citizens have been a tremendous light for us," FCPS wrote in their Facebook post. "A steady stream of individuals and families have stopped by the police station to say thank you to officers for serving, dropped off food to show gratitude, called to express their support, and showed love across social media. When the weight of unrest and tragedy weigh heavy on our officers and their families, your blue porch lights and blue ribbons have an incredible impact on our spirits."

FCPS says "THANK YOU" to everyone who has supported and continues to support them. They're honored to serve and protect our community and say they remain firmly committed to protecting the rights and safety of everyone in Fort Collins.

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