The jet lag and the pain of walking over 30 miles in a few short days has worn off from my very first trip to the windy city of Chicago. A couple of weeks ago, my brother in-law decided we should all take an adventure and since I have never been before, this was a great opportunity to head out.

We landed at around 11p.m. on Wednesday night at O'Hare and took the subway into downtown. Kind of spent from the day's travels, we decided to grab drinks at a local bar, head back to the hotel and call it a night. The next day we went to the famous bean, walked all over the city and had a fun time. We visited 16 at Trump tower and had a drink, walked the Magnificent Mile and so much other fun stuff it is kind of hard to keep it all in track.

Here are a bunch of my photos that I took with my phone, in no particular order of the buildings of Chicago:

The vision, innovation and the dreams that became a reality for this city are nothing short of breathtaking. I have never seen buildings so tall or so large. The Merchandise Mart building has 4 million square feet, Trump Tower sits at 98 stories, the John Hancock Building is 100 stories tall and the Willis tower is 108 stories tall. The sheer size of these buildings will make your neck hurt to look to the top of them. These building are truly amazing feats of engineering and true icons of American history and the visions of its people.

Sunday afternoon, we jumped on the subway with bags in tow in preparation of heading back to Colorado. While on the subway, there was a sign that read "She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time" - Mark Twain, 1883

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