Cheyenne Regional Medical Center says reports that they can't treat Medicare and Medicaid patients simply aren't true.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently removed the hospital of its deemed status because of a substantiated complaint, but CRMC spokeswoman Kathy Baker says that doesn't change how the hospital functions or who it cares for.

"What it means is the Wyoming Department of Health now has oversight and that the hospital is responsible for taking the steps necessary to correct what was cited in the complaint and then to regain its deemed status," said Baker.

"We have not lost any of the reimbursements that we would get for treating Medicare and Medicaid patients," Baker added. "Our day-to-day operations are the same as always."

While she couldn't provide a lot of details about the complaint due to patient privacy, Baker said it had to do with a discharge plan that was implemented for one patient, not the quality of care provided to the patient.

Baker says CRMC filed an action plan late last week showing that they've addressed the concern.

"We fully expect the deemed status to be returned," she said. "In addition, we have filed an appeal of the original decision. We feel like we should not have lost our deemed status to begin with."

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