Fish Creek Falls near Steamboat Springs has multiple different hiking trails that are all family and dog-friendly. Not only is there a 280-foot waterfall, but there are also trails ranging from half a mile long to 12 miles long.

I know the songs says 'don't go chasing waterfalls' but in this case, do go chasing waterfalls. Fish Creek Falls is about five miles outside of Steamboat Springs and has hikes for all hikers and is open all year long. The trail to the Fish Creek Falls overlook is paved and wheelchair/stroller accessible.

Lower Falls - Half Mile

This is the shortest hike at Fish Creek Falls. This hike takes you to Fish Creek's lower falls and is about a half mile long round trip. The elevation gain is 100 feet and takes about 25 minutes to hike.

Falls Overlook - 1 Mile

The falls overlook trail is a mile long roundtrip. The path is paved and wheelchair/stroller accessible. It takes about 30 miles to make this zero elevation gain Fish Creek Falls hike.

Upper Falls - 5 Miles

Hiking Fish Creek's upper falls is one of the longer hikes, coming in at a 5-mile round trip. This hike takes about 3 hours and has a 1,560-foot elevation gain. There's switchbacks, a bridge and gorgeous views of the Yampa Valley.

Long Lake - 12 Miles

Long Lake is Fish Creek's longest hike. It's 12 miles long with a 2,440-foot elevation gain. Obviously, this one is going to take you all day, roughly 7 hours. Long Lake is near the Continental Divide and has some of the greenest trees and bluest water I've ever seen.

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