It’s amazing how just a little bit of time, on a consistent basis, can make a tremendous difference in a youth’s life. Partners Mentoring Youth of Fort Collins is looking for mentors- Maybe, they looking for you?

Courtesy: Partners Mentoring Youth

You have ideas, life experiences and advice to share. There are a lot of youth in Northern Colorado looking to take in those ideas, those experiences and those nuggets of advice.  Being a Mentor with Partners Mentoring Youth teams you up with a young person who needs your time. That’s really what it’s mostly about: Your time.

We’re not talking endless hours, either. Just a few hours a week, for one year. This way, with a full-year, you and your youth really get to know each other; which helps them take in your advice, your compassion and your crazy stories about how you wanted to be an astronaut when you were young!

July is Mentor Recruitment Month. Currently, according to their website, Partners Mentoring Youth has over 100 kids looking for adult Mentors. You could help a local youth who’s facing difficult challenges and guide them through while enriching your own life!

Courtesy: Partners Mentoring Youth

The Mentoring program has been proven to help these youth in many ways. It gives them hope; it helps in their academic achievement; their self-esteem/self-confidence improves and it helps to prevent substance abuse.

A baseball game. Lunch and a movie (it’s silly to go see Cars 3 without a youth!) A great Colorado hike for the day. There are myriad things you can share with a young person while being a great role model. Think about becoming a Mentor. If not you, maybe, you know someone who’d be great at it- tell them to check it out!  A lot of youth need a lot of Mentors! Spread the word!