Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Billy Joel
Age: 63
Occupation: Singer
Known For: Winning six Grammy Awards out of 23 Grammy nominations, well-known and timeless hits like ‘Piano Man,’ ‘Only the Good Die Young,’ ‘For the Longest Time,’ ‘She’s Always a Woman,’ and ‘You May Be Right,’ and getting kicked out of Christie Brinkley’s uptown world.

Rosario Dawson
Age: 33
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Most recently appearing with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in the movie ‘Unstoppable,’ for dressing up the screen in other films like ‘Men In Black II,’ ‘Sin City,’ ‘Rent,’ and ‘Grindhouse: Death Proof,’ and for not getting nearly enough attention for being as hot as she is.

Candice Bergen
Age: 66
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Winning five Emmys and two Golden Globes for her cutting edge performance in the hit TV show ‘Murphy Brown,’ playing another tough lady in the TV show ‘Boston Legal,’ appearing in films like ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ and for pretty much never taking any boohockey from anyone.

Dave Gahan
Age: 50
Occupation: Singer
Known For: Five Grammy nominations as the lead singer of Depeche Mode, leading Depeche Mode to sell more than 100 million albums worldwide and become the most successful electronic music band in history, being the voice behind such hits as ‘People Are People,’ ‘Just Can’t Get Enough,’ and ‘Personal Jesus,’ and for enjoying the silence.

Ghostface Killah
Age: 42
Occupation: Rapper
Known For: Having official membership in the Wu-Tang Clan, a fast-paced, stream-of-consciousness rap style that has solidified him as “rap’s finest storyteller,” and having a name that is very difficult to have written on a birthday cake.

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